Welcome to Healthy Home Yoga | A message from the founder

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

Have you been feeling anxious with the stress that this year has brought on? Are you looking to improve your health - mentally and physically? Do you want to do this without breaking the bank? Do you have joint pain or chronic pain? Well, my name is Jenn, and I have the answer you are looking for at Healthy Home Yoga.

I starting practicing yoga as a way to relieve chronic pain both from a back surgery at a young age, and arthritis. I had such great results that I became a yoga teacher so I could help other people with the same issues. This past spring brought a new look to teaching yoga as COVID-19 forced the closing of studios and many of us began teaching online. I realized how many people needed yoga in their lives throughout the country - and I received so much feedback on the benefits they felt from practicing yoga. They were feeling more grounded and focused, some of their aches and pains had lessened, and they were also feeling more energetic. Healthy Home Yoga was created so that people like me can make their health a priority at an affordable price. We help you learn to breathe and relieve stress thru yoga and meditation. We bring the studio into your home so you are in a safe and supportive place in our yoga community. You will be able to improve physically, mentally, and release some of the daily stress. What do you have to do? Sign up and show up - that's it. There is no commute to the gym, no waitlist to get into a class, and our teachers are here to help and grow with you. Make your health a priority and carve out 60 minutes of your day to create a healthy habit at home.

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